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Throwing Momma From the Train

“But she has a ticket and there are seats.  Can’t you let her stay?”  An adjacent Amtrak ally pled my case, even though we both knew that vengeance would be swift and mercy out of the question.  “Nope.  You need … Continue reading

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se·cu·ri·ty. n. 1. Freedom from danger. The word security can conjure images of a security blanket, a secure environment.  For me, it used to cause more of a blanching at the thought of dumping my valued possessions into a dirty … Continue reading

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Hablas Room Service?

Hunger is a powerful motivator to learn a language.  I often find myself prowling for good, inexpensive vegetarian food in foreign lands.  The Chinese food in Hong Kong is, well, excellent!  Go to the tippy top of the high-rise malls … Continue reading

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Where in the World Is…

The short answer is that I’m probably in an airport, waiting. I am probably not catching up on my rest, getting heaps of work done, or meditating. If the flight is on time, I am doubtless figuring the angles on … Continue reading

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