Where in the World Is…

The short answer is that I’m probably in an airport, waiting. I am probably not catching up on my rest, getting heaps of work done, or meditating. If the flight is on time, I am doubtless figuring the angles on boarding and getting a place to stow my bag. If the flight is late I am likely welcoming the loss of all hope, because the flight won’t take off until all passengers go through the 5 stages of grief.

Freelance writing has been my tour operator for over a decade. This demanding travel agent has sent me out a dozen times around North America and Europe already this year. She has neglected Antarctica, but give her time. Business travel can be tiring, frustrating, and a drag, but when a client calls and says, “can you go to the Ritz Carlton in Puerto Rico this weekend?” it’s like the swallows to Capistrano.

Please keep me company and I’ll take you around the world (sometimes without ever stepping outside). Together we’ll scan the departure monitors and ask that age old question: where am I going? Read on, send me your travel tips, toughs, and tales, and maybe I’ll see you in Timbuktu!

No need to be absent and in communicado. Turn on that worldwide data plan before you leave or rent a global phone from your provider. BlackBerry messaging is free (to another BlackBerry). Skypes away!

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4 Responses to Where in the World Is…

  1. karen lindstrom says:

    Hi Wendy! Great website. I look forward to following someone with a life’s travels. That would be you , not your sister. with a name like Karen, there is no life.

  2. John Sheridan says:

    I love your blog. Enjoying reading about your travels from another perspectivo!

  3. gloria goldstein says:

    This is great reading . Everyone who has ever traveled to another country can relate. I love reading Nicholas Sparks, but this surpasses everything he wrote! Keep it up, Wendy.

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