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Postcards From the Edge

FAQ: Do you get something everywhere you go, to remind you of the trip?  Well, I get a little older and feel a little more tired, so, YES! Yes, I do. It really is nice to bring something back from … Continue reading

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Read ‘Em and (Don’t) Weep

I choose travel reading material by weight.  Lest you think I mean intellectual vigor, no: I mean heft.  If Bazaar weighs less than Self, I’m self-less.  Hardcovers?  All reading material gets bounced like a newborn before receiving the nod.  There … Continue reading

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Ordinarily Really Delayed

I commute to Chicago on the big Greyhound in the sky.  O’Hare Airport is like Hotel California:  you can check in any time you like, but you can never leave.  Choosing a plane back to the New York area is … Continue reading

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Smiling Fool

“How ya doing.  Fine,” is a satisfying greeting in New York.  Any passerby will surely respond to you in tandem, “Fine.  You?”  Hardly effusive, it does rely on reassuring cultural norms and rituals.  All is well.  Greeting currency has its … Continue reading

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