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Airplane Peeves

It seems a lot of people have posted the 10 (or 20 or 500) top things they don’t like about what happens inside an airplane.  For those of you who do not travel much, the broad brush strokes are that … Continue reading

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You Know the Drill

It’s 3 AM (it’s bound to be 3 AM somewhere), and there’s a noise that won’t stop.  Before I can figure out what the noise is, I need to figure out where I am.  Literally.  So I start at the … Continue reading

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Everyone Has Baggage

Well, sure we all do.  You can’t really pack effectively without it.  Just as supermarket cart contents reveals the real you to everyone in the checkout line, the luggage you drag through security says it all.  Tumi says, “I have … Continue reading

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My clients send me first class for both domestic and international flights.  It makes more sense to have full meal service and arrive fresh, having slept on a flat-bed seat.  They also approve limo service for speedy airport transfers and … Continue reading

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