My clients send me first class for both domestic and international flights.  It makes more sense to have full meal service and arrive fresh, having slept on a flat-bed seat.  They also approve limo service for speedy airport transfers and have baggage fees built-in to the expenses.  We typically stay at four-star hotels only when five-star rooms are not available, but at least there is always a room upgrade.  In-room dining and entertainment go right to the master bill.

Whoops.  Sorry.  Had to pick myself up from the floor and stop gasping for air.  That was funny.  No, the days of wine and roses appear to have come and gone.   Being greeted with a bottle of Malbec in Buenos Aires and a crystal bud vase at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm are so yesterday (literally).  No headlines are going to read, “ blogger found at the Ritz on client expense account.”  Out with the luxuries and in with the shrinking airline seat and strange room odors.

Still, best not to look back.  The aromatherapy masseuse at the Conrad in Brussels really could have had a firmer touch and, let’s face it, my skin was kind of red after the complimentary facial at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe.   No “Who Moved My Cheese” for me.  Although it would have been mighty tasty with the Malbec…

Hot tip!

Stay with one airline and definitely within their alliance to keep the possibility of upgrades alive.  Use your miles judiciously, for longer trips.  Bring a sleep mask and ear plugs everywhere to create a little sanctuary of your own.

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  1. John Sheridan says:

    Love the accommodations at your home base!

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