Airplane Peeves

It seems a lot of people have posted the 10 (or 20 or 500) top things they don’t like about what happens inside an airplane.  For those of you who do not travel much, the broad brush strokes are that you board, take off, and land at your destination.  The reality is a lot seamier.  Sharing the flight with a few hundred strangers is a lot like running with the bulls: Pamplona seems a whole lot sunnier before the action heats up.

Sure, a flight attendant knocked me down (for absolutely no reason), and a kid kicked the back of my seat for six hours on a trip to Portugal.  Yes, a woman behind me spoke loudly for four straight hours on a nighttime trans-Atlantic journey.  True, we did land  on time only to find out we were at another airport and wouldn’t be leaving to get to our destination for hours (that happened twice).  People bring food that smells horrifying and use nail polish.  The lavatories in economy get really disgusting.  Uh oh.  Now I’ve lost the “but.”  I thought for sure there was a sunny side in here somewhere.

Being on an airplane is tough if the attendants and the passengers forget that we have become a little community for a few hours.  Anger and disappointment get played out Tennessee Williams style.  Stuff happens, but we sure can make it even worse by what we do.

 Hot tip!

Try doing a Gandhi:  be the change you want to see on an airplane.  And leave the garlic sandwich at home.

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