Finding a Friendly Face

Buenos Aires in the Spring…. So romantic but a really long way for a really short business trip! I just returned from my third tour of duty (translation: three-night stay). Still, it’s magic. Throngs of people hit the streets after work, the shops and restaurants buzz in the mild evening. After work I’d head to Calle Florida to mill with the masses. Sure I was by myself, but it’s not so tough to make contact and feel plugged in. American-style friendliness and consumerism are the keys to the city!

With the help of the hotel concierge I found an ace Japanese restaurant where they spoke Spanish, Japanese, and a tiny bit of Spanglish. We established a meal that I liked and I ordered it each night. Looking and sounding different made me memorable (perhaps also being a foot shorter and a few shades paler than the model-like Argentinean bathing beauties). At Subway I was the pan integral con pepinos, lechuga, y tomate (sin carne). At Zara we discussed the 30-day return policy (not likely!)

The most fun is the free gift from H Stern. Hotels tuck a little coupon into the key card holder or under the door for a little star-shaped charm. Many get a coupon, but few redeem. Sure, I know H Stern wants me to buy a diamond necklace. Me? I have a whole bracelet going.

Hot tip!
Don’t be proud, be friendly! Talk to the concierge, frequent the same places and make contact. The timid aren’t wearing the lasso of the gaucho on their wrists, now are they?

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  1. John Sheridan says:

    Love it!!

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